Contracting Services

Ice Landscaping & General Contractor, LLC specializes in creating outdoor living environments that allow you to enjoy the full beauty of the outdoor climates. We design and build custom decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, arbors, gazebos, concrete driveways, along with all the accessories such as lighting, flower or vegetable boxes. We are a full service design/build company that offers worry-free service. Why have the headaches of hiring different contractors for every aspect of your outdoor needs? When you can hire Ice Landscaping & General Contractor, LLC to take care of all of your outdoor needs.

Maximize the appeal of your property with our hardscape specialties. We will design and install custom patios, pavers, retaining walls, and any other concrete work you desire. Other contracting services include ponds and waterfalls, landscape lighting, new sod, patio covers, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, and wood fencing.

Decorative Paving

Incorporating decorative paving into your landscape design can transform outdoor spaces into stunning and functional areas.


Let us design your beautifully landscaped patio, where every element is thoughtfully chosen to create an inviting outdoor space.

A retaining wall.

Retaining Walls

Our custom-designed retaining walls allow form and function to come together to create a breathtaking outdoor space.

Ponds & Waterfalls

With ponds and waterfalls as the focal points of the landscape, you find refuge, inspiration, and a renewed appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you.

Fire pits

Adding a firepit to your landscape adds a touch of magic and allure, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary sanctuaries of warmth and hospitality.


Whether used to create pathways, patios, or focal points, the natural beauty of flagstone adds a touch of rustic charm and timeless elegance to any outdoor space.

Some of Our Work

When it comes to landscaping, general contracting, and lawn care services in Wilmington and the surrounding New Castle County area, no one does it better than us. Our team is always happy to discuss your property beautification requirements. Contact us today to arrange a helpful initial consultation!

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